Why Lafayette Loves Blodgett's Floor Covering

We would like to thank you for considering or choosing Blodgett's Floor Covering. It is a pleasure to work with every one of our clients and their flooring project.

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5 Star Rating
I'm happy with them
I would recommend them to other people. They're a good company. I used them once for a carpet that hasn't needed to be replaced as of late. I think that's the best part, the fact that it has lasted over a year without needing to be cleaned. I'm happy with them.
Jan S.

5 Star Rating
Worth what you pay
I have recommended several people. The quality and workmanship are good. The prices aren't cheap, but worth what you pay. They have skilled craftsmen. We have worked with Larry for years. They show up when they say they will. I also appreciate the skill of the tile setters.
Eleanor G.
5 Star Rating
Very, very happy
What I tell them all, I was very pleased. I like who came to help me. He didn't push anything on me. He helped me make a selection. I was very, very happy.
I like the fella who presented the information to me. He didn't come in and try to sell me a Cadillac when all I need was a Ford. I took all of his suggestions because I trusted him.
Chuck B.

5 Star Rating
Integrity, quality, and service
Integrity, quality, and service. Very personable, and they make you feel like family.
John C.

5 Star Rating
professionalism and quality of products
I have used them on several occasions over the years for more than one home. I have been very pleased with their professionalism and quality of products.
Frank C.

5 Star Rating
Quality is great
We are very satisfied with the floor, and the quality is great. They were very patient with me when I kept looking and bringing in samples. The ladies were very helpful.
Joyce D.

5 Star Rating
Excellent service
Excellent service. I liked the products that I got as well as the service.
Pat D.

5 Star Rating
That I would recommend them. The customer service
Sharon E.

5 Star Rating
I would use them repeatedly
This is the second time I have bought carpet from them, so I am very happy with them, and I would use them repeatedly. Their personal service.
Victoria F.

5 Star Rating
They were reliable, honest, and trustworthy. Their expertise.
Marian F.

5 Star Rating
Products are very good
They help you, and they are on time with what they said they would do. Their products are very good. The quality of their products.
Kevin F.

5 Star Rating
To give them a shot. It is a small business, and I support small businesses.
Debra F.

5 Star Rating
Good service and good quality
They were very helpful, good service and good quality. It was all very good. I was very pleased with everything. I thought the service was really nice, and I liked the support and service that I got.
Muriel F.

5 Star Rating
They hire the best
They hire the best. Their employees are top-notch, thorough, very friendly, and honest. They are close.
Katherine G.

5 Star Rating
I would recommend them. They were professional.
Marion H.

5 Star Rating
If they need something like that, they use Blodgett's. They were right on top of everything.
Yvonne H.

5 Star Rating
Service and convenience
I would refer them, because the experience was good, and I am happy with the product. Just the service and the convenience
Keith H.

5 Star Rating
Totally satisfied
I was totally satisfied with them, and my father was satisfied with them also. We go back 50 or 60 years. Their service is really good. I have had a bunch of different workmen put down vinyl, and they have always been good. Being in that field, I demand good work and good service.
Kelly I.

5 Star Rating
They were professional
I would say that they are a family-run business ,and they have been doing this for a long time. They make sure that the customer understands the product. They have a variety of products, and I was doing vinyl tile, which both me and my contractor hadn't done before. I had Blodgett's install it, and they were professional.
I liked that I felt very confident that the whole family had been doing business for so long, and they take pride in their industry.
Laurence L.

5 Star Rating
Good, quality work
They did a very good job. They were very helpful, prompt, and they did good, quality work. Everything about them, they did everything well.
Tom L.

5 Star Rating
They seemed to know what we needed right away. They did exactly what they said they would do.
Sandi M.

5 Star Rating
Easy to work with
They are great to work with, they show up, and they are clean. My husband keeps saying that out living room and dining room look like a model home. They are really easy to work with, and they have a large selection. I worked with Larry personally, and he really steered me in the right direction.
Bill M.

5 Star Rating
I have been dealing with them for years, and I am perfectly satisfied with them. I would use them again.
Ronda M.

5 Star Rating
Very reliable and helpful.
Gail N.

5 Star Rating
Excellent quality
It is an excellent quality, and they are long-time residents of the neighborhood. They have done a couple of jobs for us, and they are conveniently located.
Julie N.

5 Star Rating
Incredibly friendly and supportive
Good old-fashioned customer service and caring about the project It is close to town, and they are incredibly friendly and supportive.
Mary P.

5 Star Rating
Recommend them highly
We would recommend them highly. We read a write-up in the local newspaper that they are 3 generations, and I liked that.
Chip P.

5 Star Rating
They are great. They are responsive and timely.
Julie P.

5 Star Rating
It is hard to find good people.
Judith P.

5 Star Rating
I am very happy
It is a good firm, and they are appropriately priced. I am very happy. The general professionalism.
Doug R.

5 Star Rating
Very professional
I have used them 3 or 4 times in the past, so I have no complaints about them. They do very fine work. They just do what they are supposed to do, and they are very professional.
John R.

5 Star Rating
I just think they are very good, and they know their products. I guess the personal service
Kathryn R.

5 Star Rating
Great design work
I would say to shop local, and they have great, personal service. For me, I have found them to be amazing. You get everything that you need. They are professional. I guess the personal service, I had a high-grade experience. They do great design work, and they help you decide what products to use.
Russell S.

5 Star Rating
You can't find better service.
Andrew S.

5 Star Rating
Their service is great
I would tell a friend to use them, because their service is great. They don't pressure you to do anything, and it is very easy to go there. Their whole staff is great, including the people in the showroom and the people who come to your home. Personal service, and they try to understand what you are trying to do. I support small businesses whenever I can.
Lonna S.

5 Star Rating
They know their products and their installation
I would say to go there and I have. They have been in business for a really long time, and they know their products and their installation. They know all of the construction people. They know their industry, so why should I go anywhere else?
Bill V.

5 Star Rating
I would recommend them. I like the owners. They are friendly.
Rob V.

5 Star Rating
I would trust them for anything in the future
It gives you the family business feel, and they are very flexible. They are really helpful. It was about the right solution and not them making money. The contractors were very professional. They establish really strong trust and credibility. I would trust them for anything in the future.
Jeff V.

5 Star Rating
Really personal service
That we would recommend them. I like that they are local and that they are a family-owned business. They have been around a long time, and they have been in business a long time. I felt like I got really personal service that I would not get from a big box store. I really liked working with Larry, specifically.
Betty V.

5 Star Rating
Very accommodating
To use them, because they are very personable. They came out when they were supposed to. They were very accommodating. They did what they said they were going to do, and they got the job done. They were just very efficient.
Dwight W.

5 Star Rating
Extremely helpful
I have already told lots of people that if you need flooring, call Blodgett's. They are extremely helpful. If they don't know the solution, they know someone who can help. Really, it is the quality of their service.
Louis Z.

5 Star Rating
Nice neighborhood feeling
That they were very helpful, and it is a nice neighborhood feeling when you go into the shop. They didn't make you feel like it was overwhelming when picking out flooring. They came right over to us when we went to the store, and they were very helpful.
Vanroy B.

5 Star Rating
Use Blodgett's, they are great. The personal service, Mr. Blodgett came out himself to help me.
Shirley E.

5 Star Rating
Wouldn't hesitate to use them again
I have referred friends to them, and I also have friends who have used them as well. I like what we chose. I am very pleased with it. It is easy to keep clean. There is an area where it doesn't match the baseboard, but I don't think he could have done anything about it, and it is not significant. I am very pleased with what they did, and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again or recommend them.
Andrew J.

5 Star Rating
They did what they said they would do when they said they would do it, which is what I liked about them.
Pat K.

5 Star Rating
Very good, clean, and neat
What we got was a very good product, and the workers who came out were very good, clean, and neat. I was satisfied. I thought their workmen were very neat, and they cleaned up after themselves, which was very important.
Paul L.

5 Star Rating
Very efficient and very professional
I thought one of the main things was that the tradesmen they used, including the people who installed the floor, were good about buffering, not leaving a mess, staying on schedule, and getting things done on time. They were good craftsmen and took care of things that they didn't need to. They were very efficient and very professional. The experience from the beginning when we went into the showroom looking for ideas, they were very helpful, and they let us take samples home.
Leslie P.

5 Star Rating
We were happy with them. They responded to my call quickly.
Nancy S.

5 Star Rating
I would just recommend that they try them. It was fine.
Kath B.

5 Star Rating
They have a very good selection. They were very friendly and very helpful. They went out of their way to get me samples.
Nancy K.

5 Star Rating
They were local, and I like to shop locally.
Amy S.

5 Star Rating
Large selection. Very helpful in the selection process.
Julia D.